About the company

NVP PRIDE company was established in 2006. Since its inception, she has gained the necessary experience, established relationships and partnerships with specialists and companies working in the field of construction. The customers of our company are legal entities, individuals and state-owned enterprises, which are located almost throughout Ukraine.

The main activities of our company are: 
 Certification and instrumental examination;
 Design works;
 Legal support and approval of technical documentation.

NVP PRIDE company provided with modern regulatory and technical base, modern equipment and passed certification in accordance with the procedure established by law; has a license to perform the above works and services, the effect of which extends throughout Ukraine.
"NVP PRIDE" team consists of highly qualified specialists. Engineers and specialists of our company have sufficient professional experience and, at the same time, systematically improve their skills.
The legal team continuously monitors changes in housing and construction legislation. Therefore, we always have guaranteed quality and results of fulfillment of our obligations.

Sincerely, Director of « NVP PRIDE » O.Onishchenko